OpenAI Declares War On Creatives

Without us, they would be nothing

Stephen Moore
4 min readJul 4, 2024
Image: Badly edited by author

The biggest irony of Generative AI is that without the tireless, dedicated craft of creatives from all industries, the frankly mediocre products released so far wouldn’t even exist.

Think of all the writing in the world. That’s the backbone of ChatGPT and Perplexity AI. Think of all the YouTube and video content in the world. That’s the foundation of SORA, Luma Dream Machine, and the many other video generators that will soon exist. These LLMs are trained on our creative output — WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION OR COMPENSATION.

They’ve stolen creative output that we’ve spent blood, sweat and tears producing.

They’ve stolen creative output that comes from us sharing our thoughts, knowledge, and vulnerabilities.

They’ve stolen creative output that’s the result of our learning, practice, craft and years of dedication.

Without that output, these companies would have nothing. They would be nothing. Guys like Sam Altman would still be nobodies. You’d think that would at least earn us some gratitude because it sure as shit didn’t earn us any dollars. Instead, the current face of the artificial intelligence hype train, OpenAI, and the overlords that control it are declaring war on creatives. It’s clearer than ever that…



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