(Not So)OpenAI

The company’s non-profit, open source mission was always marketing schtick

Stephen Moore
4 min readMar 13, 2024
Image: Badly edited by author

Elon Musk, who helped found OpenAI in 2015, recently sued the company for “breaching a contract by putting profits and commercial interests in developing artificial intelligence ahead of the public good.”

In the lawsuit, he is arguing that OpenAI has not stuck to its “promise” to be open — i.e., open source — with its A.I. technologies and how it plans to use them. You might think how noble of him to stick up for the little guy (us). In reality, Musk’s reasoning for this lawsuit is twofold; he has a bruised ego from his shitty Grok competitor, and he and the many other A.I. creators stand to benefit enormously from being able to access OpenAI’s code. Musk says he will drop the lawsuit if OpenAI changes its name to ClosedAI.


Not only is that man an entrepreneurial god, but he’s also a comical genius. (To confirm, that was sarcasm.)

Now, OpenAI has written its rebuttal. The attached emails show Musk himself was pushing for the company to pursue profit from the get-go and even suggested that it merge with Tesla to become its “cash cow.” OpenAI has shared these emails to debunk the claims made by Musk, implying he also wanted the company to put profits and commercial interests in…



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