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Stephen Moore
“At the end of the day… it all comes down to one simple, absolute truth: looks fucking stupid.”

Nov 19, 2020

The pandemic has seen many business winners. But for so-called “impulse products” like chewing gum, that rely on consumer impulse and well-positioned sale points, it has been a sticky period.
Once the initial excitement over the box of goodies wears off, you’re left with the same problem — you have to do the cooking when you could put that same money toward visiting a reopened restaurant.

Dec 28, 2020

“There’s nothing emotionally joyful here. It’s about as soullessly minimal and clinical as you can go. Bright colors and bold shapes aren’t always fun/joyful.”
Crocs — the colorful, comfortable foam clogs that break almost every rule in fashion and evoke divisive and visceral reactions from customers and critics alike — are back from the dead.
In 2018 alone, it’s estimated that 24.2 billion pairs of shoes were manufactured, more than three for every person on the planet.
“A common refrain online is that wealthy white teenagers have ruined things: Depop, the Y2K trend, even the premise of thrifting itself.”

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