How to Reinvent Your Career in 4 Steps

Whether your transition is forced or by choice, you can make it as frictionless as possible

Stephen Moore
4 min readApr 5, 2024
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When I left my wood workshop on the 23rd of March 2020, I never considered for a second that it would be for the last time I stepped foot in that dusty, magical place.

It was.

In the end, the pandemic destroyed the last motivation I had to keep fighting for my business. We worked within an industry that was being ravaged by the pandemic restrictions, and our client list slowly dwindled away to nothing. That left me in a precarious position, though one that I had been in before — lacking direction. But rather than flounder, I chose to pursue something new, something bigger, something better.

I set out to reinvent myself.

It was the second time in my adult life that I’d gone through this transformation. I had already successfully transitioned from a graduate with dwindling prospects and a lack of motivation to a fully-fledged business owner. In this case, I changed lanes from business owner to writer and editor, with equal success and personal growth in return.

Reinventing yourself is a daunting task.



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