GenAI Is Trying to Kill Creativity

But finally, humans are starting to push back

Stephen Moore
6 min readJun 26, 2024
Image: Badly edited by author

A ‘joker in the pack’ is a person or thing that could change a situation in an unexpected way.

For Sam Altman and his fellow AI grifters, they are certainly changing the creative landscape — just not in the way they hoped.

This week, my feeds have been dominated by the Luma Dream Machine, another AI model that can create videos from text prompts. The results have been pretty awful. Somebody turned classic memes into videos, somehow producing something worse than the videos the memes are based on. Or remember The Flash film that was widely ridiculed for its laughable CGI? It can rest easy now, as GenAI has shown it could have been a lot worse.

It’s the same but different to OpenAI’s maybe-to-be-released model, Sora. Like ChatGPT, you enter a prompt, and bam, you have a strange cat video where the person’s hand is detached. Put in another prompt, and wham, you have a woman walking down the street with her legs doing all sorts of weird skips. Put in another prompt, and bingo, you have a video of a couple walking in the snow while everyone around them disappears into thin air.

Despite people claiming to be blown away by these developments, let’s get serious for a second — it’s barely impressive-ish. It’s just…



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