The pandemic flipped my work-life on its head, and I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing

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I was in a forest, cutting down trees, when the world went into lockdown. By the following morning, the job had been cancelled, and the beautiful Scottish surroundings, outdoor work, and colleagues had been replaced with an indefinite stint working from a laptop at home.

I tried to keep my…

Is it the end for the infamous startup strategy?

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At the heart of the Theranos trial is a story about a founder with a potentially world-changing idea who took some questionable steps in desperation to achieve it, only to see that dream go up in flames. …

With its new Smart Glasses, the social media giant raises a whole new set of privacy concerns

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If you’re an avid user of Facebook, it likely knows you better than you know yourself. …

A case study for ‘find it in your 20s and build it in your 30s’

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That’s how I spent a lot of my 20s. I stumbled around and often got lost. I was working minimum wage jobs, slowly becoming too comfortable in mediocrity, in danger of floundering forever. While no one ever called me out, I felt their judgment. I understood it; I was…

Number Crunch

Some investors warn that the eyewear company is being viewed through rose-tinted glasses

$6 billion: Warby Parker’s staggering valuation after its stock prices soared 36% during its debut on the stock market last Wednesday.

Many eyeballs were fixed on Warby Parker’s stock market debut on September 29, eager to see how the market would react to a DTC brand going public. The company…

The company is attempting to appeal to growing demand for sustainability

The Trash Collection / Photo: Ikea

You’d be forgiven for assuming Ikea’s best-selling product is its meatballs (full disclosure: not a fan). In fact, the company’s biggest hit is the humble Billy bookcase. Ikea sells one from its famous blue and yellow gates every 5 seconds. …

Why is the McFlurry machine always broken? The FTC also wants to know

McDonald’s McFlurry machine is famous for great ice cream and for never being able to serve said ice cream. The machine is out-of-order so frequently that it’s become a long-running joke (read: big customer bugbear). …


After a year of explosive growth, the company is beginning to slow down

25%: The percentage fall in Peloton’s share price year-to-date, not accounting for the further losses that occurred after the company’s recent Q4 report, which failed to meet expectations.

A treadmill runner typically struggles in the early minutes of the run, then kicks into gear, enjoying a sustained period of high-performance…

If remote is the future, a day away from our home office will do us all the world of good

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Before the pandemic turned the world upside down, my work-life was quite hectic; days spent manufacturing in the workshop, on-site visits with clients, installations, meetings, and 3 hours of daily commuting to make it all that more exhausting. …

I Read It So You Don’t Have To

Two reporters tell the inside story of WeWork’s dramatic rise and implosion

I Read It So You Don’t Have To is a series that gives you the TL;DR on a business book you want to read — but don’t have time to.

What did I read?

The Cult of We: WeWork and the Great Start-Up Delusion by Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell.

So who are Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell?

Eliot Brown is a…

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