The self-proclaimed “Nike of sleep” proves there’s no such thing as a $1 billion mattress company

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Casper — the original DTC darling and self-proclaimed “Nike of sleep” — is now proof that there’s no such thing as a $1 billion mattress company.

In a whirlwind two years, the mattress-in-a-box company has gone from being the lead disrupter in the ‘sleep economy’ with a value of $1.1…

Mozilla’s annual holiday shopping guide names and shames the gadgets that mishandle your privacy

Photo: Mozilla/Edited by author

In simpler times, we never had to consider a loved one’s privacy when gift buying.

But as technology has continued its high-speed advance and growth at all costs mentality, many companies and the products they create have long been skirting adequate data and privacy protection, leaving users at risk. What…

The pandemic flipped my work-life on its head, and I still don’t know what the hell I’m doing

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I was in a forest, cutting down trees, when the world went into lockdown. By the following morning, the job had been cancelled, and the beautiful Scottish surroundings, outdoor work, and colleagues had been replaced with an indefinite stint working from a laptop at home.

I tried to keep my…

The company’s VR gloves are impressive (and creepy), but will the average consumer want to wear them?

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Headset, check. Robotic gloves, check. Full body Metaverse suit… not yet, but don’t rule it out.

When Facebook pulled its PR stunt (sorry, restructuring) and rebranded itself as Meta, it announced that it would spend over $10 billion to make the Metaverse a reality. Well, a virtual reality. Sigh. You…

Number Crunch

As the new privacy features impact data-led companies, Apple is lining its pockets

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$142 billion: The amount of market value erased from ad-related company stocks after Snap Inc. posted its biggest ever one-day drop.

Apple caused a major stir in the digital world when it announced it would begin to restrict access to advertising data through its App Tracking Transparency feature earlier this…

It’ll take more than a rebrand to fix the company

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Didn’t you hear? Facebook is more than a social media company; it’s a Metaverse company. If you’re confused by the term, join the club.

The metaverse is best described as a virtual-reality space where users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users, but how others will interpret this…

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