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The king of streaming is struggling for growth

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400,000: That’s the number of subscribers Netflix lost in the US and Canada in Q2 of 2021, the first time it has lost subscribers in those markets since early 2019.

Netflix is a business that is driven by one thing only: subscriber growth. To maintain its position as the market leader, keep investors happy, and be afforded the luxury of spending eye-popping amounts of money (the company projects an outlay of $17 billion in 2021), that number needs to trend upwards continually — and preferably as fast as possible.

In a Q2 earnings report published July 20, the company announced…

Just like the office, working from home comes with some serious downsides

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I’ve been working from home in a one-bed flat alongside my wife for over 14 months now. It’s been… a testing time.

We’ve had to learn to manage our work-life and life-life, switching between being colleagues and a couple depending on where the clock hands sit. We’ve discovered new niggles and irritating habits in each other and had to swiftly make peace with them else go completely insane. (Have you ever noticed how often your other half coughs? How loud they type? How loud they breathe?) We’ve had to manage our schedules to ensure we don’t gatecrash each other’s virtual…

Rest in peace Fleets, you won’t be missed

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Twitter was the one safe place left in the social media landscape where users could hide from the influx of stories/reels/other copycats— until it wasn’t. When the company announced Fleets on November 17, 2020, it was met with a collective sigh. The wider audience was more concerned with other issues — improving its moderation practices and adding that elusive edit button — than using a feature already available on other social media apps. Still, the company pressed on, and the feature began its global rollout.

Now, only 8 months later, the company is announcing that it’s killing off Fleets. The…

Trend Mill

If it ain’t broke, sell it.

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Once reserved for charity shops and flea markets, secondhand fashion has found a new lease of life. According to thredUP’s 2021 report on resale, the secondhand market is expected to double from $36 billion this year to a button-popping $77 billion by 2025. Over the past three years, reselling has grown 21 times faster than the actual retail apparel market.

While resale sites have been around since the dawn of the internet — eBay launched in 1995 — the boom really took off in 2020 when the pandemic flipped the retail world on its head and provided perfect conditions for…

Try building a “better than nothing” habit

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Like many people, I’ve tried to pass the time over the past year by forming some new habits: running, baking, writing every day, learning new card tricks to dazzle friends at future dinner parties (those will be a thing again, won’t they?). Each of these pursuits started strong… until I gave up shortly thereafter.

I had lofty visions of being good at these things immediately. And I just didn’t like being bad. But that was the problem: I was fixated on high achievement, when I should have been focused on repetition.

In a recent TED talk, the sociologist Christine Carter…

This week’s Post-Grad must reads

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

This week, we share some great stories on entering the ‘real world,’ the downsides to freelancing, quitting your job, quitting your dream job, and the fear that we’re wasting our life.

We’re proud as punch to call our publication home to these stories.

Thank you to those who write, and even more so to those who read us.

This Weeks Must Reads

As Jordan Gross prepares to graduate for the sixth time (someone give this man a medal), he takes a moment to reflect on his journey, and what he would tell his 21 -year-old self as…

This week’s Post-Grad must reads

Hey post-grads, pre-grads, and everyone in between.

This week, we share some great stories, from regaining your confidence on the workplace, the benefits of hobbies, mindset changes, early retirement, and feeling like a failure.

We’re proud as punch to call our publication home to these stories.

Thank you to those who write, and even more so to those who read us.

This Weeks Must Reads

Melody Wilding, LMSW, Executive Coach and Author, knows a thing or two (or three, or a million) on work, and surviving and thriving in the workplace. …

Number Crunch

Airlines are going on a buying and hiring spree as customers return to the skies

$30 billion: The estimated cost of the 270 airplanes United Airlines is buying in preparation for the return of air travel, according to Reuters. The order is the largest in the company’s history.

The airlines are betting that the great pandemic staycation is over. Many have begun investing heavily in anticipation of consumers once again taking to the skies. United Airlines announced an order of 200 Boeing 737 MAX jets and 70 Airbus SE A321neos in a deal costing over $30 billion (before discounts). The move is part of the company’s plan to invest in over 500 new planes, many…


McDonalds is the latest chain to offer a loyalty rewards program

Illustration: Save As/Medium

6000: That’s how many points you need to get a free Happy Meal in McDonald’s new loyalty program, aptly named MyMcDonalds Rewards, which begins its nationwide launch on July 8th.

McDonald’s is the latest in a long line to run a rewards program. Chipotle launched one in 2019. Taco Bell has one. Burger King is testing one. Popeyes just announced one. Like all things in the fast-food industry, if you can’t beat them, you join them. Step aside chicken sandwich wars; the new battlefield is customer loyalty.

After trialing the scheme in November 2020, McDonald’s announced that its rewards program…

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